Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pretty Pots

These pots are all at Belgian Nursery (just as the flowers a few blogs down) - I think it's one of my new favorite places.
I've already shared with so many people how AWESOME that nursery is.

Sweet Spring

I am now in love with fat sheep. They are so cute.
Amongst the sheep, were some other signs of Spring.
I seen a few Robins yesterday.....I am also in love with Robins.

A little colour made me very happy

I was out and about taking photos and everything was rather dull - brown grass, mud, and grey skies. I was in desperate need of some colour. So as I was drving back from Guelph to Kitchener, I stopped in at Belgian Nursery and spent some time in with the colourful flowers, sweet smells, and warmth of the greenhouses. Come on spring, I think that we're all ready.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some Black and White shots

I've never really played too much with making landscapes into Black and Whites.
I LOVE the look.

Winter Wonderland

It was SO cold the morning that I took these photos up at Wildwood Lodge.
There was so much frost that when the sun came out, everything seemed to sparkle.
It was so beautiful, like a winter wonderland.

Winter Sunsets at Wildwood Lodge

EVERY night there is a fantastic Sunset at Wildwood Lodge.